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Tailored To You Tuition is a bespoke Tuition and Home Schooling service where we specialise in empowering young people from all backgrounds and levels of ability to achieve greater success and realise their true potential.

We also noticed that there was very little external support available for students with Dyslexia, ASD or any other learning difficulty, yet again disadvantaging those most at risk of having their talent and ability ignored. Inclusion is the most important concept at Tailored To You Tuition and all our Tutors are creative and compassionate practitioners with prior experience and training specifically to support those students with special educational needs,, learning difficulties and disabilities while also being able to offer the required level of challenge and inspiration to those learners who are Gifted and Talented.

We are therefore dedicated to providing inclusive support for all learning styles and levels of ability by adopting a responsive and creative approach to tuition. Why pay for forgettable lessons?

All our Tutors are enhanced DBS checked and we take safeguarding incredibly seriously, particularly in these times of online learning, and have therefore appointed a Designated Safeguarding Lead to monitor and review all correspondence and give peace of mind for all concerned . We vet our tutors incredibly thoroughly and the welfare and safety of our students is always the most important part of what we do.


What we offer

Bespoke Education Support

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Online Tuition

We offer a wide range of learning solutions online. From one to one direct support complete with bespoke educational support plans to open forum workshops where students can exchange ideas and work online together.

 We also offer a platform for the exchange of teaching methods and video tutorials from experts in their fields as well as maintaining an emphasis on mindfulness and a holistic approach to education.

Personalised Education and Home-School Support.

With the ever increasing number of children being educated at home, we can help to support and enrich their educational experience in a variety of ways. From setting up small work groups where people can interact and question one another, to creating a bespoke programme of study to facilitate the progress of students of all ages and abilities. 

We can also provide schemes of work and resources for those who really want to add value to their teaching and also ensure that important Personal, Health, Social, and Emotional requirements are satisfied through a thoughtful and responsive "wrap around" approach to education. It is our aim to satisfy he needs of the whole child and create positive experiences of learning and development.


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My daughter asked for support for her GCSE Science subjects however it was hard finding a suitable science tutor for her. When asking around for recommendations, a friend told me about Richard and I am pleased to say that I am very happy with the lessons he has provided. He has been very supportive and helpful during the time he was my daughter’s tutor and it has helped her tremendously through her assessments. I highly recommend Richard to anyone searching for a good science tutor.

Mayram L.

What we offer

Bespoke Education Support

Support Groups

Online Mentoring

As well as offering academic support, we are also equally invested in a young person's personal, social and emotional development. We have a number of trained counsellors and mentors that can help with everything from improving exam techniques, to  coping with stress  or anything that is getting in the way of the learners progression.

Skills and Social Workshops

Everything from drum lessons to spoken word to art therapy; we aim to regularly offer a wide range of creative and exciting workshops, provided by passionate and engaging advocates of the subject  that allow the opportunity for young people to interact while they develop new skills and confidence in a safe environment.


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What we offer

Bespoke Education Support


Free Tuition!

We are dedicated to enable as many young people to have access to the support of a tutor as possible and will be awarding scholarships and discounts to student's from more challenging backgrounds as we want to close the gap between the richest and poorest students, not fuel its expansion!


Hip Hop HEALS uses Hip Hop to tackle health inequalities and raise awareness about the arts and health movement. HEALS stands for:

H = health

E = education

A = arts

L = life

S = skills

We are committed to supporting our communities in any way we can. Hip Hop HEALS is a social enterprise dedicated to giving every young person the opportunity to thrive. 


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